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The key is good stamina usage control. Yellowyam stamina technology gives you real-time stamina % readouts so you'll know the exact physiological load of any exertion intensity in different environmental conditions at any time. You can hence better decide whether to speed up, slow down, or take a break, and devise optimal strategies to train and compete.


Yellowyam, a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) body stamina analysis platform for smartwatch , smartband , cycling computer, and mobile apps software applications. The platform is designed to provide more integrated and always available body stamina status, aerobic/anaerobic energy consumption, and maximal distance estimation and environmental information improvement in relative elevation/ inclination reporting for running and cycling. Yellowyam is comprised of an SDK/firmware for integration into a mobile application/wearable device and a cloud server API.

Yellowyam stamina technology is a “body fuel gauge monitor” for athletes. Similar to how a driver needs to know how much fuel is left in a car to determine how and whether a trip could be completed, an athlete needs to know how much “fuel” is left in the body to pace well for a good performance. With stamina information, you'll be able to see just how much.

Yellowyam features

Real Time
Racing Strategy

Long Term
Stamina Monitor


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Real-time stamina comsuption.
Real-time heart rate.
Best pacing speed.
Real-time calorie burn.


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Aerobic/Anaerobic comsuption.
Max. distance estimation.
GPS distance calibration.
GPS grade calibration.
Elevation gain.

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Kimitake Sato
Assistant Professor
left-quoter “GoMore has been an integral part of athlete monitoring at ETSU center of Excellence for Sport Science and Coach Education. We use sport technology that is to help our athletes to be the best of their capability, and GoMore is certainly the one. It allows us to track progress, analyze, and interpret the data to share the knowledge of sport scientists to our coaches and athletes. We see GoMore as a next generation of coach education resource and athlete monitoring tool.” right-quoter
Shawn French
left-quoter My number one goal for each player is they have to improve for me, they need to be better, and I want to do everything that I can for the player to improve. Helping them manage their stamina well is key. right-quoter
* GoMore is the first product integrated with yellowyam.
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